Search Engine Optimization

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All about searching and finding

Search engines are limited in the way they browse and process/parse the content on the internet. Not all web pages look "the same" to us and the search engines. For that reason our service emphasises on specific technical aspects/patterns when designing/building web pages, so the later can be correctly structured borth for humans and for search engines.

We call our way of thinking/coding Search engine friendly development, because we lay the basics of using good practices and our more than 10 years experience in designing/building (or optimizing existent) products. We code our sites and applications to be user-friendly/accessible even for disabled people. With the correct semantic structure, easy to parse/understand by the search egines.

Some of the must things we use and follow:

  • Content which can be fully parsed and understandable by the search engines. Including images, audio and videos, flash and silverlight, etc.;
  • Correct structure and hierarchy level of the navigation and links when browsing the site;
  • Using the right keywords and in the better positions and styling;
  • Noting commonly searched / found keywords and on-site optimizatioin;
  • Hierarchy of header tags;
  • Meta data and Open Graph protocol;
  • With dedicated attention to title tag and it's integration with the content;
  • Easy and understandable URL addresses structure;
  • Rich Snippets, microdata and microformats;
  • Sitemap.xml and Video Sitemap;
  • Robots.txt, Human.txt, browserconfig.xml and others

We also offer additional services like paid Internet ad campaigns, PPC, OnLine Reputation Management, social networks showing management and others.


Design and Development

Development of individual solutions with modern design/styling, easy navigation and rich text content.

From design to programming (real code)

Modern styling, easy navigation and rich content are the 3 main principles, which we follow in the process of building each online store, site or application.

Building a design is a whole process, including meetings with the client, a lot of mockups and endless testings. We try to get into client's business model and implement it in the most detailed/functional way in our products, so that end-clients to gain near real-life experience.

We develop our products for different platforms. We adapt them based on clients resources and needs/requests. We use different "cloud" services suppliers, so that to offer complete solutions and clients will not have to have dedicated staff, server infrastructure and corresponding halls and systems.

There are no limits in the varyity of programming languages we use. We have experience working with Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and other types of systems. The decision which language and platform to use are based on the client's needs and resources.


Google Maps

Vizualization of specific objects and their dynamic positioning. Additional description(s), photo(s) and video(s).

Personalized maps

We in Industry Web have high excperience in building and customizing Google maps, no matter exact coordinates or specified address.

We build personalized (dedicated) Google Street View perspective for Your business address, with possibility to integrate with Your map. That way Your site end-client can close view check out Your office, store, warehouse, production halls and/or other things he/she can think of.

Google maps can include data for Your business, such as - logo, colour and/or font theme. It's easy to integrate addresses routing so that Your clients can use if right from their devices (phone,pda,tablet,etc.) or computers. This is a good way for interaction with Your end-clients.

Maps can be added to Your applications, so that in real time to trace positioning of one or more objects, via specified GPS coordinates.


New Services

Services | eCommerce


We offer professional support and consulting - from the idea for online commerce, thru the design and to the final/production system. It's time Your business to make the "step" to the next level, and we know how to make that step.

If You already have an online store - we can improve end-client user interface, make online ads campaign, optimize store data traffic, level up styling, and others You may think of.

With more than 15 years of experience in web development and 3 years in online commerce and payments, we can enhance Your systems and да им добавим стойност.

Services | Facebook applications

Facebook App

Facebook is an universe of possibilities for Your business. More than 80% of the people in Bulgaria using internet have a registration in that social network. For the better Internet positioning and trading - Your business ought to have presence there.

We will support building Your Facebook fan page, to promote it, to address the right users for Your business and to raise their trust in You.

We can integrate Your online store as a Facebook application, so You can trade right from there.

Facebook is today's main internet utilization and the future place for every single business.