InCloud is a product for creating and managing Online stores, from beginning to end!

Integrated directly with your business software (ERP, CRM, warehousing, accounting, etc.) for maximum automation and offering the best products and services in real time.

InCloud does not change the way you work, does not add unnecessary layers of synchronization and the need for qualified staff. It adds a new value, expands the scope and volume of your business.

InCloud has been already and successfully integrated into business software from GenCloud. It offers a great level of management flexibility, easy setup and a wide choice of options for your online presentation.

Our product InCloud, which You can create Your own online store with


InCloud is an autonomous product working in the "Cloud".

It's target is easy/simple building online stores and catalogue sites. Web applications for transfering data between Your business and Your providers. Automating all business level processes from article store presentation to it's delivery to end-client.

InCloud communicates with Your business software through Internet network and in real time. All processes concerning data transfer are based on "web service" pattern and use secured TLS / SSL channels. It's ower priotity to secure and "mask" all connections to Your business software.

System uses Your domain name, and can be as a separate/independant site or can integrated as a part of already existing one. Inherits all Your current site's attributes, like - colours, fonts, logo and slogan, so Your clients will be as comfortable as possible.

InCloud retrieves from Your business software and displays only the products and services You want to, as defined via corresponding settings. Application (store) configuration and management are intended to be as simple as possible and once set not to require additional changes.

InCloud is designed to implement Your ideas and expand Your business areas.

Architecture of the InCloud product communicating with Your business software.


Search Engine Friendly Development

The content of a website is the most important thing for clients and InCloud will help so it to be more easily located by search engines.

InCloud incorporates all SEO components and "good practices" pattern, needed for proper data indexing and program execution.

Although the system/engine produces sites and applications which are end-client oriented the result is easy for parsing and processing by the search and indexing machines content.


InCloud provides two prepared templates for You online store. Those templates are designed to be intuitive, easy to understand and with modern styling. The design of the later is based on client's warehouse data and end-client needs. Those templates also adapt themselves to different display widths, mobile and desktop devices.

Every template can be personalized. All client objects in the templates can be repositioned and/or restructured as per client requests. Templates allow modifying all the colours, fonts, logos and slogan, as how client wants.


InCloud incorporates functionality for sending notifications via e-mail. That functionality can be setup in details and the client can define the events for which notification(s) to be sent. The system prefers communicating through Your e-mail (SMTP) server, or in case You do not have such - to offer a solution, based on current needs.

InCloud offers list of predefined templates for Your online store notifications. The later can be adapted and/or styled based on current needs and/or client's requests. Predefined templates can be easily enhanced even to e-mail bulletins containing HTML data.




InCloud is designed to work in one with Your business software and to automate all processes concerning store orders management. It is not necessary to modify Your current nomenclature just that be more user friendly to Internet clients. InCloud builds/defines own nomenclature, which to be better suitted and easier for the online store end-client.

Each end-client registered through the online store automatically is added to the database with clients in Your warehouse system. All corresponding attributes like: telephone, address, name(s), e-mail, photo, invoice data, etc. are processed.

Each end-client can browse products seeing own/dedicated price lists, once logged into Your business software. Online store can at any time manage/process multiple types of price lists - corporate, retail, discount etc.

Each end-client order is automatically saved inside Your warehouse system, with no need of operators processing.

InCloud keeps tracking of all warehouses in Your business software, You mark to, when fetching product quantities. Each order automatically reserves (decreases) pieces/quantities in corresponding warehouse, and each newly added product automatically refreshes it's quantities in the store.

System allows selling even non-available products, order with delayed delivery, hiding articles based on availability etc.

We are preparing automatically calculated spedition. You are responsible for preparing clients order goods, and the spedition company will be notified for the order processing/execution.

OnLine Payments

With InCloud You manage two (2) kinds of payments - basic and electronic (noncash). Clients decide which types to use/be active in their store.

Basic payment types include:

  • Cash On Delivery - client pays on order delivery from/by a courrier.
  • Bank Transfer - client make a cash transfer to a dedicated account, after that You prepare order's goods and send them via a courrier.
  • Payment in office - client visits chosen, on order confirmation steps, office and hands over the payment personally.

Electronic (noncash) payment types include:

  • PayPal - international system for cash transfers and payments, via credit cards, bank transfers etc.
  • ePay - online payments service in Bulgaria.
  • Virtual POS - POS devices supplied from Bulgarian finance institutions and banks, for making online transactions using Bulgaria only debit and credit cards.
  • Under development - we are preparing functionality for payments through the Transcard system. Under development is also processing payments via EasyPay number/code.

Spedition and Shipping

With InCloud You can manage two (2) kinds of delivery, depending on the price type - Flat or Dynamic (calculated) rate.

With flat rate, You manage delivery rates. You can group them by - regions, volume, price and/or number of ordered goods. With this type of rate You are obliged to coordinate spedition.

With dynamic rate a connection with external spedition service system is made. Delivery price is calculated in real time and presented to the end-client. Under development are modules for automatic spedition processing through Speedy and Econt systems.

We can integrate connections to other spedition systems a company works with. All that is needed is those systems to calculate in real time delivery price, so that it can be suitably presented to the end-client.